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Micro-Ray Industrial Connectors, Cables, Electronics and Home Theater Products

Micro-Ray Electronics, Inc. a value added electronic distributor, has earned a solid reputation as a trusted supplier of electronic components since its establishment in 1984. The range of high-quality connectors, cables, and other electronic components sourced and supplied by Micro-Ray is second to none. The team at Micro-Ray understands the importance of using the right components and accessories, as they play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of electronic devices and systems. For over three decades, Micro-Ray has consistently supplied a comprehensive range of components that have met the needs of clients in various industries all over the world. With their wealth of experience in the market, Micro-Ray is known for providing excellent customer service and ensuring that clients receive the right components at the right time.

High Quality Affordably Priced Waterproof 

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