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Micro-Ray Industrial Connectors, Cables, Electronics and Home Theater Products

Micro-Ray Electronics Inc. is a family-owned and operated Value-Added Distributor and Manufacturer of electronic components since our founding in 1984. During our founding we had focused on hard-to-find components, Semiconductors and Dipped Tantalum Capacitors.   During the years, we have concentrated on supplying products such as Custom and Standard Cable Assemblies, built on our premises, Connectors Standard and Water resistant, Fiber, HDMI, M12, Sensors, Semiconductors, Capacitors, Diodes, Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Switches, Emergency Switches, Terminal Blocks, Sockets, Crimp Pins, Wire Ties and Grommets, LED Signal Towers.

We are focused low costs high quality Products and meeting the needs of clients in various industries worldwide, such as Smart Home Manufacturers, Contract Manufacturers, Machine and Conveyor Manufacturers, Payment Solution Manufacturers, Telecom and Networking Component Manufacturers, Aircraft and Instrumentation Manufacturers and Medical Equipment Manufacturers, aiding them keep control of their manufacturing costs and just in time inventory.

At Micro-Ray, we understand the importance of using quality components and accessories, which play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of electronic devices and systems. With our wealth of experience in the market, we are known for providing excellent customer service and ensuring that our clients receive the quality components in a timely manner.


High Quality Affordably Priced Waterproof 

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Push Button Switches Metal and Plastic Push Button Switches Metal and Plastic
Push Button Switches Metal and Plastic Push Button Switches Metal and Plastic