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Old part Number: DH-20-C03PE-01-001

The Cnlinko DH-20-C03PE-03-001, which is a 3 pin male cable plug created for power applications. The plug is designed with screw type locking systems and is capable of accommodating 14-12 AWG cables. Furthermore, it is rated for a maximum of 500V and can handle up to 20 Amperes. This product is ideal for many applications such as LED displays and equipment for stage lighting. It’s worth mentioning that this product is an upgrade from the previous model, which was classified by the part number DH-20-C03PE-01-001. The message provides all the necessary technical information and highlights the potential areas of application for this product. Overall, this message serves as a comprehensive overview of the Cnlinko DH-20-C03PE-03-001 for anyone who might be interested in purchasing it.



Old Part Number: DH-20-C03PE-01-001

3 pins male plug

  • Metal alloy housing
  • Easy to grip shell
  • Reduces electromagnetic & radio frequency interference
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Heat & pressure resistant
  • Categorized by red color for power applications
  • Waterproof gasket in housing


  • Dimensions- 62.5 mm Length x 29.2 mm Diameter (2.46″ x 1.15″)
  • Number of Pins- 3
  • Wire Gauge- 14-12 AWG
  • Diameter Range- 8-12mm
  • Contact Diameter- 2.7mm
  • Rated Current- 20A
  • Operating Voltage- 500V
  • Contact Resistance- <1mOhm
  • Withstanding Voltage- 2500V
  • Insulation Resistance- > 500MOhm
  • Ingress Protection- IP65/67
  • Durability- > 500 times
  • Operating Temperature- -40 C to 80 C (-40 F to 176 F)
  • Housing Material- Zinc Alloy
  • Contact Material- Gold Plated Copper Alloy
  • Flammability Rating- UL94-V0
  • Approvals- CE, CCC, RoHS, ISO9001
  • Wiring Mode- Soldering


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