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Old Part Number: LP-20-C04PE-01-001
4 pins male plug

LP-20 Series connector is widely used in variety of challenging environments due to its high precision, high quality automatic insertion, self-locking devices and waterproof, In LED screen ,audio visual equipment, medical equipment, industrial control, testing and measurement equipment,AV system and others.


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Old Part number: LP-20-C04PE-01-001.

4 pin, Cable Mounted, Male plug

The Cnlinko LP-20-C04PE-01-022 is a robust and reliable 4 pin male cable plug which is specifically designed to cater to various power applications. It is perfect for use with a range of devices, including medical equipment, audio/visual equipment, industrial control equipment, testing and measurement devices, and much more. The plug features a high-quality self-locking design, along with an easy release mechanism that makes it simple to use and convenient to handle. Additionally, it has been designed to ensure optimal performance, with a 500V and 20 A rating ensuring that it is ideal for high power applications. Moreover, the plug accommodates 14-12 AWG cable, ensuring that it is the perfect choice for a wide range of needs. It is also noteworthy that the product’s old part number is LP-20-C04PE-01-001.


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