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The Cnlinko DH-20-J02SX-03-401 is an exceptional 2-pin female socket ideal for power applications that has been designed to provide an excellent solution for your needs. This socket can accommodate 14-12 AWG cable and is rated for 500V and 20A, making it an efficient and dependable option for all your application needs. Notably, this socket is perfect for transmissions of critical signals, powering LED displays as well as stage lighting equipment. What’s more, the Cnlinko DH-20-J02SX-03-401 is exceptionally reliable and offers an exceptional user experience. It is also alternatively known as DH-20-J02SX-01-001, indicating its versatility and compatibility with numerous systems. So if you want to make a purchase of an efficient and reliable 2-pin female socket, the Cnlinko DH-20-J02SX-03-401 can be an excellent choice for you.


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